Different kinds of PEOPLE

Posted in ubiquitous ambiguity on March 26, 2009 by Colin

Hell yes, you can read some of them here because these kinds of people are whom we imagined to be other people when in fact they are really just US.


** There are those who just can’t sleep without hearing even a single rumor in a day.

** There are those who laugh so loud and suddenly get quiet and proclaim themselves as those who live the hardest and painful battles behind their big smiles.

** Some people just scratch Their heads and pretend They know nothing and then They grin thinking that the other thinks how smart They are when They’re really not.

** Others just have cold feet because they are COLD TURKEYS!!!

** Some are just single but not really lonely.

** Some are taken but trying to be single.

** Some say it’s complicated when the populace knows just what they really are.

** Some stay single for YEARS because they are complicated.

** Some die just to be taken.

** There are also those who stay up late trying to think of their fetishes to manipulate their dreams.

** Some look at the time thinking how much of it they’ve wasted over nothing…and with such they are wasting MORE time.

** Some people wear large sunglasses which are really cool on them (i pray) and stare at someone..thinking that the other doesn’t notice.

** Some pretend they don’t see someone but are really twitching their eyeballs to follow that someone once that someone walks the other direction.

** There are also people who suddenly change directions once their radars detect someone’s presence towards them.

** Some turn around to avoid other people who are also pretending they don’t see anything.

** Some die just to be noticed.

** Some pretend they’re really smart and arrogant when the only truth is the latter.

** Others love thinking and suspecting that they are being stalked and admired and loved quietly by somebody.

** Somebody loves making others feel that they are being stalked and admired and loved quietly and deeply because Somebody is just bored.

** Some cut their hair all by themselves because they say they are just bored when they really are just stupid.

** Some party without money.

** Some work and save for the money.

** Some just save……energy and stay at home.

** Others are simply vagrants.

** Some smell good while other’s don’t but it doesn’t necessarily mean they smell bad..or for the least.

** Some thinks someone knows everything so they bug that someone until that someone stops doing anything and just wait for another ‘bugging’ experience.

** Some die for chocolates.

**..Some die because of them.

** Some wish they are very ill and dying so that the story will have its climax in the near future.

** Some easily get tired.

** Some are simply running out of something to write about.



Derelict and Decapitated

Posted in ubiquitous ambiguity with tags on March 16, 2009 by Colin

I have finally come to concede.

and I’m GUILTY for DELIBERATELY being a


Perhaps, the battle sought is not meant to be fought.

I have come to understand that I don’t deserve the pain that has been inflicted on me… because in the first place, I’ve worked hard for that something. And putting you on top of it all is the greatest mistake.

Although you gave me the matchstick, I still lit the fire and kept it burning. And you just wasted my time holding on to nothing, all burnt down in ashes…and here I am…worn out and brainless… like a piece of stale fish, cooked and its head swallowed by a brat-who-only-knows-nothing-but-play-with-___-toys.

I can’t play on anymore. I’m like a warrior in full battle gear but won’t move…because I can’t, and I don’t want to…not anymore..

FISH head!

FISH head!

ginatapol lang bitaw ku uy..


Starting Anew

Posted in acoh Life with tags , on March 7, 2009 by Colin

Life doesn’t end when you feel like it does…

Sometimes, we just want to tell ourselves it’s over because we know we’ve been hurt and we hate to admit that the pain still lingers.

However, life is rope of intertwined tears and laughters…it’s stronger when it has more smaller strands in it. It holds on. It ties us all up. It connects me to you, you to her, her to him, and so on…

Yet, we do also know someone will cut the rope at any point…and He is the only one who has the scissors.


*Carpe Diem!*